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Whether you've planned ahead or need to move last minute, we're here to get the job done the accurate way!


Finding the right movers is never an easy decision, and moving from an old home to a new isn’t much easier.


No office is too big nor too small, and it doesn’t matter if you’re moving a few floors up or down in the same building or relocating to a new city.


Deliveries are a breeze with Accurate Moving Company. Our delivery services include furniture, appliances, and electronics.


Whether you’re doing spring cleaning or just wanting to get rid of a few items. Call us and we’ll be glad to come clear up things for you.


Our team of experienced, trustworthy professional Lower Mainland movers and packers will come in and handle the entire packing process for you.


Our experienced professionals can assist your assembling needs. From mounting your television, setting up your bedroom set, or and other appliances you have.
From the positioning of furniture to the use of moving supplies, we have multiple ways to maximize your storage space.
We offer a huge selection of packing supplies includng boxes, tape, tubes, mailers and cleaning services.
You won't be surprised by your moving bill. We conduct a pre-move review of your belongings and communicate all that needs to be done before the move.
We can work around your schedule and store your belongings. We can even offer to hold on to your precious items overnight.


Fully insured and licensed, we continue to build upon our loyal customer base by offering excellent customer service.
We know how important it is for you to get your possessions from A to B in perfect condition and we take all precautions in keeping your items protected.
We determine the condition of the home and its contents before the move begins. This way, your movers will know if they’re responsible for any damage to your home or belongings once the move is over.
Our team of dedicated movers work seamlessly while packing and unpacking your items, always ensuring nothing is missed!
We work with you from start to finish to meet your move in or move out deadline and are always honest with time frames.



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Accurate Moving Company is your number one choice to get your possessions from A to B! Based in the Lower Mainland, and equipped with all the necessary tools to provide exceptional service, we promise to not disappoint!
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