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Always on time

Our ability to handle any size load, to-and-from anywhere and within any service time frame has made you our best and only choice for handling your moving.

Finding the right movers is never an easy decision, and moving from an old home to a new isn’t much easier. We’re here to help you ease your way from old home to new home, making sure we safely and securely protect your belongings as well as the home itself. Our team comes highly trained and are capable of assembling and disassembling anything, from taking apart your bed, and setting it up at the new home, to dismounting that large flat screen in the family room. We arrive on location prepared and equipped with all the right tools and equipment to handle your move. For some, it can be difficult leaving an old home and transitioning to a new one, so we make sure we leave both your old and new home in one piece. Accurate Moving Company provides affordable moving services in your area.

Our team of dedicated movers work seamlessly while packing and unpacking your items, always ensuring nothing is missed!
We work with you from start to finish to meet your move in or move out deadline and are always honest with time frames.
We know how important it is for you to get your possessions from A to B in perfect condition and we take all precautions in keeping your items protected.
In today's climate, the ability to perform contactless moves has become evident. Talk to us about the safety features we have in place.

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    Multiple Trucks

    From the positioning of furniture to the use of moving supplies, we have multiple ways to maximize your storage space.

    Packing Supplies

    We offer a huge selection of packing supplies includng boxes, tape, tubes, mailers and cleaning services.

    Straightforward Pricing

    You won't be surprised by your moving bill. We conduct a pre-move review of your belongings and communicate all that needs to be done before the move.

    Adjustable Scheduling

    We can work around your schedule and store your belongings. We can even offer to hold on to your precious items overnight.

    About Us

    Accurate Moving Company is your number one choice to get your possessions from A to B! Based in the Lower Mainland, and equipped with all the necessary tools to provide exceptional service, we promise to not disappoint!
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