How Much Do Movers Cost for a Local Move?

June 28, 2022by g4comm

Many homeowners rent a truck and gather family and friends to help them move. While this process works for some people, hiring local movers is often faster and more cost-effective. A local moving company provides reliable services that protect your belongings as you move from one house to another. When hiring a local moving company, you can request a quote, giving you a clear picture of what you can expect.

Your Home’s Size

Your home’s size has the most significant impact on your costs. The more rooms, the longer it will take movers to pack the truck, drive to the new location, and unpack. Larger homes require additional movers to ensure the process goes smoothly. When requesting a quote, the local moving company will ask how many rooms you have and your home’s square footage to give you the most accurate quote.

An Hourly Rate

After calculating the required time to move your belongings based on your home’s size, your local moving company will multiply the time by their hourly rate. Many Vancouver moving companies charge an hourly rate between $160 and $180 for local moves. The time reflects how long it takes to load the truck, drive to your new home, and unload it again. Movers often work more efficiently than your family and friends, resulting in a faster moving process.

Extra Services

Local moving companies generally quote an amount for the moving process, including truck loading and unloading and driving times. Many homeowners often want additional services to streamline the moving process. Some moving companies can pack and unpack your belongings to save time, but this service will cost more. The moving company may charge more for oversized items such as pianos, valuable heirlooms, or art pieces. Mention any extra services you may want when requesting your quote.

Get a Free Quote

Local moving companies understand that moving costs vary dramatically from one home to the next. Homeowners can typically request a free quote from moving companies to determine how much they can expect to pay to weigh the pros and cons. When considering the value of their service and the confidence that your belongings will arrive safely, it’s well worth the cost of hiring local movers.

If you’re considering a local moving company for your next move, contact us to request your free quote.

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