How to save money when moving homes

May 19, 2019by g4comm

Find free boxes

Before you start packing, seek out free moving boxes from friends, online marketplaces such as Facebook, community groups and businesses such as liquor stores.

Choose a date that isn’t as busy

When hiring a professional moving company, the date and time of your move can make all the difference. First, try your best to avoid the busy moving season, but if you can’t, opt for a mid-week and/or mid-month moving date.

Get at least 3 different quotes

Do not settle on the first mover you find! Have your inspector come to your home and confirm the time, and never commit to an estimate if they have not seen the environment first hand. This way not only will you get the best deal, but you will also ensure the time frame is correct so there are no surprises!

Pack as much as you can beforehand

Hiring professional packers can speed up the moving process, but it can also add to costs. Be sure to ask how much the moving company charges per hour per and per mover, and how long those packing services typically take.

Review your moving contracts thoroughly

Take a long, hard look at the movers’ contract and lability options carefully! You will need to determine whether to opt for an hourly rate or flat rate. Keep in mind that moving day often comes with surprising complications (like unpredictable weather) that can drag the day out. If you feel that your move could take a long time, the flat rate option may be the way to go.

Get your friends to help

Call out to friends and family to help with the move, so that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Or get the first few small loads out of the way.

Get rid of the junk

Selling or giving away your unused items is one of the easiest ways to cut costs during a move. Eliminating unworn clothing, old electronics and old unused furniture will make your move much quicker!

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